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Windows Explorer "File manager" Alternative

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I have the excellent Total Commander; it has a built-in DIFF tool that's good enough for most of my needs nowadays. Back when I needed something significantly more I used ExamDiff Pro, which is very good.  You can trigger it from Total Commander.

I bought my Total Commander license in 1999, I think, and have never been asked to pay for an update.  I also have XYplorer, which is not only portable, but offers a definite lifetime license and is updated so often you feel surprised if you check and find you're already up to date.  It's a second string for me, but has done some useful work.  Thirdly I have ZTreeWin, but for all its virtues, it's more a nostalgia trip now  :)

If by index you mean something like a catalogue, I'd suggest Cathy, which is small, lightning fast and free.  It can search duplicates across catalogues, so should be able to meet your offline requirements (I think).  I don't find the UI as intuitive as all that.  There's also a command-line version for updating catalogues, good to put in your scheduler.

Not advocating DOpus one way or the other, (I've used it since my old Amiga days), just answering the various points.
I doubt whether I use even 20% of what DOpus is capable of but I'm comfortable with it and I'm happy to support the developer.
-4wd (February 04, 2021, 05:54 AM)
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thank you very much. I've been going through and exploring the list of plug-ins you have linked to. I have just begun. It certainly looks like it will do everything I need. I'm a little bit hesitant to purchase it as I will be getting a new PC soon. But I see I can get a portable version for $10.

In many regards right now the most important feature I'm looking for is the retain/preserve data creation date when copying files from one folder to another. I need to consolidate files from a number of external hard drives spanning back to 2005.

Thank you again. I'll continue to go through the links


......I have all of those except Total Commander, but I replaced that with Altap Salamander.  I use DO whenever possible on my primary machines, and XYPlorer portable everywhere else.
-wraith808 (February 04, 2021, 12:38 PM)
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@wraith thanks... What made you make the move from total Comander to atap salamander
-sphere (February 04, 2021, 03:01 PM)
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I think I phrased that badly- I meant I used Altap Salamander instead of Total Commander.  I've never used any of the *Commanders.

But I see I can get a portable version for $10.-sphere (February 04, 2021, 04:07 PM)
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Just to make it clear, the ability to have a portable installation is an extra AU$10 on top of DOpus' initial cost but AFAIAA it is a one time cost, (it carries across major updates without further payment), the same with the Advanced FTP functionality, (basic FTP is included in Pro).  Also, portable installations are priced on an individual basis, eg. if you want it on two USB drives it's 2 x AU$10.

BTW, it's been 4.5 years since DOpus v12 came out ... didn't realise I'd been using it that long.

@wraith,   Thanks I understand now.

@4wd,  Thanks for the clarification.  When I mentioned getting the portable, I was thinking I would get the standalone, and just hold off installing it  Rely on the portable while waiting to purchase my new system.  I am not totally convinced to go with DO. 

I need to look at the other options.  The most important thing immediately is that I can preserve the creation date when copying between drives.  Would be great to be able to do some more review through the file manger before transferring.


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