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Error DBG103: DBISAM Engine Error # 11013 Access denied to table or backup file


I have been getting this error for the last week. I found a forum item from several years ago but the solution did not work for me. The data base folder is definitely marked "Read Only". If I use the Security tools and reset permissions to "Full Control", I can manually add files and edit them in this folder. But as soon as I run Clipboard, Windows change permissions back to "Read Only". I tried uninstalling Clipboard but it didn't work. So, now I cannot use the program at all.

Could this problem be due to Microsoft latest updates that have so-called improved protections? I ran into this with the H&R Block tax program which has wiped out access for every one of their customers using the Business Tax Package. The developer in conjunction with Microsoft finally traced the problem to Microsoft's latest Windows updates.


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