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Looking for Standalone CSV Editor like CSVPad

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When you work with Powershell, you have to work with CSV files.  I hate working with Microsoft Office (even though I'm a 365 admin! doh!), so Excel is out.

The best thing I've found so far is CSVPad - its interface is perfect and I love it - BUT you cannot open things with it via the commandline.  It was made from CSVForm, but the coder left out that part of the code. 

You see, I use FreeCommander, and I attach the little csv editor to a button on the toolbar.  So I can just select the csv file and click the button to get a quickie view/edit for the file.  Right now I'm using CSV Form, but it lacks a lot by way of usability.  CSVPad won't open the file because it lacks the commandline to open via %1.  I wish I had the source code for that (it's in Delphi, though).

Now, CSV Form is also in Delphi, but I don't know Delphi, and it would take me some time to get my head wrapped around it.

There are other csv editors out there, but they are either written in ugly Java or they are part of an office suite that I don't want.

What I'm looking for is a standalone app (not part of any suite) designed for CSV Files that is easy to see and use, and isn't a Java app.  I love toolbars.  I really just want CSV Pad to work correctly - that would be perfect.

Anyone have some ideas?  Or is anyone willing to make something nice out of CSVForm?

Try CSVEd. I have had it around since version 1.4 and it's now at 2.5.6.

Try CSVEd. I have had it around since version 1.4 and it's now at 2.5.6.
-x16wda (January 25, 2021, 05:47 PM)
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Nice! Man, is this program feature-rich!

I've been using Rons Editor and haven't had any problems other than the limit on rows. My company would rather we use Excel, but Rons was my preference.

Looks like CSVEd might take it's place.   :)


Seems to be able to do what you ask. But is from 2012, so rather old.

Ron's editor, the best one by far.


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