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Batch Word Text Replacer

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With Acrobat I can replace in a pdf collection a text string.

I need a free to replace in a word collection files replace any string .
I can with notepad++ or with DocFetcher find any string in any collection of microsoft word files.
I am using microsoft word 2010.
If I try to use notepad++ for finding and replacing the word files i corrupt them. So I can only use notepad++ to find, but not to replace.

I need someone with experience doing this work to recommend me the most simple, preferably free, program.

Best Regards

I tried with Gillmeister word text replacer but don't go. The program hangs and do nothing.

You can give this a try:

You can give this a try:
-4wd (January 24, 2021, 06:21 PM)
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I am trying long time ago with this sort of program.
So : Have you try that script or the program ? Do you use this program ?

I hardly can remember the VBA Find and Replace as useful.

This sort of utilities are very painful sometimes. corrupt files. you need to backup everywhere.
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I don't remember this one either
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