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Speedtest of my Internet browsers :-(

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I've upped my Internet connection (from 300 Mbps) to 1,000 Mbps download speed.

I was very surprised to not notice any improvement!

After removing advert blockers and other apps, I still didn't see any difference in the speed online, so I began wondering what on earth could be wrong. I mean, you should notice a difference between 300 and 1000, shouldn't you? (The answer is Yes!)

First off, I checked what my own IS (=Internet Supplier)'s speedtester ( had to say: 138 Mbps down. Hm... that was a disapppointment by itself - not even close to the 300 I had been paying for, not to mention the new 1000!

Speedtest of my Internet browsers :-(

I downloaded a series of Internet browsers and tested them at once. By "at once", I mean: Download, install, run! No apps or settings of any kind, just paste >Enter >and click GO!

I was in shock: The results were all in the area of 43 - 124 Mbps. They should kiss a thousand !!!

Brave:    44
Opera:    44
Vivaldi:    54
Internet Expl: 97
Firefox: 108
Chrome: 124

Speedtest of my Internet browsers :-(Speedtest of my Internet browsers :-(Speedtest of my Internet browsers :-(Speedtest of my Internet browsers :-(Speedtest of my Internet browsers :-(

Later, an in-browser-app for Edge: 154MBps

Speedtest of my Internet browsers :-(

I have been in daily contact with my IS, but has been put on hold until Corona allows them to visit my home again.

But then one of their technicians phoned me and asked eh... have you not tested with Ookla Speedtester's APP? You should! This was the first time I heard about it: an app for local speedtesting ( I now have it (Speedtest by Ookla) and my online connection apparently is, as it should be (I have not fully reached a thousand, but almost): 826⁺Mbps

Speedtest of my Internet browsers :-(

But the various Internet browsers are still wheelchairing at 43 - 154 Mbps. How can my Internet browsers all be so extremely slow?

WHY, oh, WHY?!!

A few questions to ask yourself:
- How is your computer connected to your router? (Some Wifi connections are really slow, wired is king!)
- Is your router (or in fact the entire chain from signal entrance into the build up to the computer) capable of handling the increased speed? (Some have a WAN port with only 100 MBit/s...) (Seems to be covered)

Looks like your network only supports older WiFi standards. As it is quite over the place. Your upload speed is higher than your download speed, which is usually a clear indicator that the problem is located in your own network at home.

Next to that, the contract between you and your ISP is always that they make a best effort to provide the agreed upon connection to your modem and their own network. Whatever you after that in your own network is really your problem. And if you go outside of their network onto the internet, whatever you get is whatever you get. Because that is out of their control, so not their problem.

Do you use a laptop? If it has a network connector you should be able connect it directly onto your modem. Then do the speed test again. Now you should see the most "pure" speed your connection has to offer.

Are there WiFi extenders (also known as repeaters) in your network? If so, in the best of cases you lose 50% of your total bandwidth. But more often than not it is more. 

-yeah, I gave too few informations, sorry.

My connection is private and wired, and my end of it is located in the wall some 2 feet from the desktop PC. My network cable goes straight into the all-modern router and then straight into the all-modern connection on/in the wall. Hey, I live in Denmark: Everything is fairly good and up to date!

Edited: My Internet supplier is also the supplier of the connection and of the router and the wires and 'more'. Yes, I pay them a lot of money each month.

But of course, parts may not be working as expected. As an example, I realized last night that AdGuard still had a part running. When I closed it, the speed immediately rose to 400Mbps

Speedtest of my Internet browsers :-(

Quite an improvement  :Thmbsup: 
but still a long way from 820~1000
I expect the problem is inside my computer, not in the network; We are 400 apartments, theoretically with the same wiring, but I am the only one complaining...


AdGuard? Bad dog! Baaaad!

Stoic Joker:
But of course, parts may not be working as expected. As an example, I realized last night that AdGuard still had a part running. When I closed it, the speed immediately rose to 400MBps
-Curt (January 23, 2021, 03:01 AM)
--- End quote ---

Zoiks! O_o ...That would make for an instant summary execution in my world.

Have you ever done a tracert to see if the times drop off at a specific point? And/or check your router for any over zealous packet checking?

If the tracert starts high, and then holds fairly steady, your router - new or not - may be on the fritz...or just holding itself up by nitpicking the traffic..

We tend to avoid ever using the ISP's equipment where I'm at, because it's usually low powered spastic crap.


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