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Why in the world can I not install a small program that I used to have on the desktop called  T-Clock?  I've tried dozens of times.   It is a digital clock/date that sits in the taskbar, and replaces the MS clock, it was always Win  10 compatible, although it was written in earlier forms years before.  I am running (an up-to-date) Win 10   -  64 bit on a desktop, browser is Edge.
When I download any version of T-Clock,  it does have an exe. component, but not an install line that I recognize.   
I'd love to get it back.   There are a number of variants on the original program, it has been kicking around for probably 20 years. I'd gladly take any of them.    Thanks,    /hank

T-Clock Redux works superbly. I have it on multiple Windows 10 machines without a problem:

There isn't an installer, but here are the notes I have on it for how I always set it up - current version ought to be similar:

How to set up T-Clock 2010 build 95

1. Copy the entire T-Clock folder (contains Waves, Win32, x64 folders) into Program Files
2. Run clock.exe from the subfolder of the proper bitness
3. Right click and choose T-Clock Properties
4. On the About tab select Start T-Clock when Windows starts
5. On the Clock Text tab, choose Marlett, size 8 neither bold nor italic
6. On the Time Format tab, check Custom Format and set it to hh:nn:ss  POSIX\ndddd mmmm d, yyyy
7. On the Mouse tab, set the Action to Show Calendar and set the tool tip to dddd mmmm d, yyyy

Stoic Joker:
Steps 5-7 are (personal preference) optional, but ^they're^ right.  :D

My rutine is a little different:

Unzip to C:\T-Clock

Right-click Clock64.exe and create a shortcut. Cut the cut and move it to C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup


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