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Netflix/Youtube Premium


OK, not really a deal as it were but more a method to save money, (this doesn't break any law in Australia but who knows what kind of messed up copyright is in your country).

Here's a Google spreadsheet with Netflix prices: Netflix Prices

The spreadsheet hasn't been updated since the last price hike, Netflix plans are now: AU$10.99, AU$15.99, & AU$19.99 for Basic, Standard, & Premium

But I currently get Premium for ~AU$7.30, (US$5.60), by signing up and paying on the Turkish site, a 63% saving.  (Argentina is currently the cheapest, Turkey was when I signed up.)

All you need is a free VPN with a exit node in Turkey ... and in case you're wondering all your content won't suddenly become Turkish in nature. The content is based on the location you log in from, I might pay in Turkish Lira but the content is all that's applicable to Australia.

Some info for signing up: Netflix via Turkey  (Just use the Netflix sign up information, not any services the site is selling)

The same thing can be done for Youtube Premium, here it's AU$14.99 Individual or AU$22.99 Family.

Paying in Argentine Pesos: ~AU$1.80 Individual or ~AU$2.75 Family.

Sign up via a VPN with an Argentine exit node, if it asks for an Argentine address see here.

FWIW, I've been paying in TKL for Netflix for over a year and only just signed up for Youtube Premium - I probably wouldn't have bothered with either of them if it was necessary to pay full price.

The above is via OzBargain: Netflix; Youtube Premium


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