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Is it possible to work on two laptops from the screen of one of these laptops?

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I have two laptops which I want to fully operate from one screen and this screen needs to be the screen of one of these laptops.

Is that possible?


So basically you want to know if there is remote control software for Windows?


and myriad other options. If something like this isn't what you mean, then you are going to have to explain what you want to do a little better.

FWIW, I like Brynhilder because it (so far) does not seem to be picked up as a PUP by most a/v. If I could make it write an event log entry when a connection is made or dropped that would be a welcome addition.

You can use AnyDesk to work on two computers at once. At least that is what I understand from your request.

AnyDesk has a free and commercial license, but you can use it freely if the amount of computers you connect to is low. Never tested to see how much computers you can connect to before reaching the free/commercial tipping point, but there are 8 computers in my "address book" and AnyDesk doesn't complain.

You should install it on both machines. Remember the automatically generated AnyDesk ID (or an alias you created yourself) of the machine you want to connect to and fill that in the appropriate field on the machine you use to connect to the other machine. It usually takes only a few seconds to establish connection is established, you can enable the option 'full screen view' and you'll think you are working on the other laptop. Afterwards you switch instantly between machines.

It is a 3 or 4 MByte download, installing is done in a minute and it works wonderfully well. With AnyDesk it is also possible to control both your laptops on a computer outside your own home network. For ease and comfort, I do not know a better solution than AnyDesk.

Thanks but I was thinking a direct connection via a cable instead of a connection over the wifi. I assume the wifi connection will have lags? I have terrible experience with remote desktop sofware, it is very laggy.

I was thinking a direct connection via a cable
-kalos (January 18, 2021, 02:40 PM)
--- End quote ---

Well, assuming both laptops have an ethernet connector (though that's less and less common for consumer laptops these days), you can connect both to the same router using a cat5e or cat6 cable and have the benefit of the high speed connection for both the connection between the laptops, and the maximum internet speed attainable. The only connection available that's (potentially) faster than ethernet (assuming you have a router with 1 GBit/s ports) is a Wifi 6 connection using 4 antennas on all equipment, but there are not too many laptops providing that kind of wifi setup.


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