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RTILA visual web scraper


Hello, I just want to present you this software.

Its a fantastic web scraper, with automation capabilities, coded in javascript. The software is quite solid, and improves every week.

Demo version is on github:

I suggest you to start with 4.1.0 version.

I know people here love to share those small gems, here you have one.

The sales page is quite simple.

Deal: $74 - lifetime - x3 license keys (1 Windows & 1 Mac & 1 Linux)

I'm not the author, but I loved this software too much that started doing some documentation.

The author knows about this forum, probably he will register too.

RTILA Automation:
RTILA Advanced:
Google Sheets with RTILA:
Video Tutorials:

I hope you enjoy this one.

Feel free to ask, I'm using RTILA since the begining and I love to chat about this or general scraping techniques.

NOTE: the software is not digitally signed, you will get an alert on install.

I did one video for the people that knows nothing about scraping.

I hope you like it.


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