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Capture of Second Screen is Messed up

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Captures of the second screen and the complete workplace are messed up. 
Main screen captures are perfect. 
Main screen resolution - 2560 x 1440
Second screen resolution - 1920 x 1080
Gigabyte GeForce GTX1650 2GB Graphics card.

Thanks for looking. 

Sorry about 3 complaints as my introduction to this forum.  A lot of work went into it and its many options are awesome.  As an Autistic person, I only comment make an excellent utility even better. 

Edit - Clarified Title and added acknowledgement of the author's effort.

Main screen resolution 2560 x 1440, uses 150% W10 Display Scale and Layout.
Second screen resolution 1920 x 1080, uses 125% W10 Display Scale and Layout.

Screenshots of my Second screen are still borked.  Is it caused by the screens having different resolution?

Likely. What would you have SC do in that case? You wouldn't necessarily want to expand the smaller screen automatically to be "the same" height because that would alter the relationship between the two which might be significant.

I can see that the extra space on the right side might be automatically removed since it would not be significant, maybe that would be an option for Mouser to consider.

On my second screen, all screenshots are shifted to the right.  This screenshot is the correct height but 30% of the screen is missing replaced by a white blank portion at the right. I think the missing chunk and the added space are the same sizes. 

For complete workspace screenshots, it needs to have blank space added below the second screen because the main screen is bigger.  The black blank space at the bottom of the second screen part of this is 100% essential because the main screen is 1440 resolution whereas the second screen is 1080.  However, the large white blank space at the right of complete workplace screenshot doesn't seem correct.

Hard to describe in words.  Sorry, you need to display all 3 pics to get a better idea. 

Thanks for looking.

No, I apologize, I see what you mean, I was not reading the post carefully enough and was thinking the problem was the second screen in the capture of the entire workspace. If you're capturing just the second screen, you would like it to be 1920x1080 instead of 2560x1440 which is the highest rez of your screens.

Did you select something on your second screen and choose the "Grab Current Screen" option for your example? I don't recall the keypress for that because I swap two of mine. I always (99.99% of the time) use the "Grab Selected Region" option and that's what I map my PrtScr key to. If you use that option you should be able to select the whole screen and it should come out correct.


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