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Can Settings be Exported to an ini File?


Can you add and Import/Export option for settings? 
Every few months I have to reinstall ScreenShot Captor from scratch (my system is cursed).  Which means manually changing a dozen settings to my preferences. 
If this was stored on disk it would make the new setup much easier. 

Settings for the regularly installed Screenshot Captor are saved in an .ini file, in directory C:\Users\YOURACCOUNTNAME\Documents\DonationCoder\ScreenshotCaptor, and is called, surprisingly, ScreenshotCaptor.ini
For a portable install it is normally written in the directory where Screenshot Captor is run from. (Unless you wrote in that file where to save the settings, but then you of course would know where that is ;))

So any normal backup of your Documents folder, or portable applications folder, should restore your settings (haven't re-done my settings in ages, they just moved with me on several computer replacements).

Your settings are located in ScreenshotCaptor.ini

In portabe SSC it's in SSC-Folder ...\ScreenshotCaptor\ScreenshotCaptor.ini

In setup-version normally it's in ...Users\USERNAME\Documents\DonationCoder\ScreenshotCaptor

You can make a copy of ScreenshotCaptor.ini and put it back after new setup.

Thanks for your replies.  I will save a copy of the in file and transfer it back into the installed directory when I need it, next time.


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