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How to change the Volume of the Play Capture Sound?


How can I change the volume of the Camera Click sound that is used in ScreenShot Capture?  It is hard to adjust the volume of every other program just to fit in with your Camera Click sound.  My master volume is set to 40% but sometimes accidentally gets bumped up to 100%.  This makes ScreenShot Captors capture sound extremely loud. 
To be able to pick between normal volume, half or double volume would be a great start.   Perhaps you could offer Sound1, Sound2 and Sound3 in the setup folder.  And ask the user to edit the name of one of these to SoundUsedonCapture before I install your program.  This way if I wanted 10% volume I could easily edit Sound1 if I wanted extra quiet sound.

Other programs running at the same time are -
Discord, Pot Player, downloaded You Tube clips, YouTube in my browser, movies, full screen games, and others.
Thanks for looking.

You can change soundfile or edit soundfile to lower volume


Thank you.  I can edit the CAMERA.WAV file to change its volume.  Most helpful.


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