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PublicDomain REIMPLEMENTATION (second shot at discontinued programs)


reimplementation (plural reimplementations)
The act of implementing again.
--- End quote ---

Hi guys! The idea here is bringing a new life to FUNCTIONALITY present in abandoned (or plain old) software.

This isn't about cloning a program carbon-copy, but reimplementing its functionality afresh!

Furthermore, it can be extended beyond what the original program allowed, accounting for modern times. A much-welcome refreshment for many users!

Programmers abandon functional programs all the time. Let's give those programs' functionality a second chance here at DC :)

Some benefits:

* Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal: It is reimplemented using a truly-permissive open-source license with the source code and rights gifted to the public domain entirely (regained software freedom) hence continuity is reassured due to the new licensing.
* Extending functionality: If you ever wanted a program to make something new yet it was abandoned, then this one's truly for you :)
Feel free to submit!

I'm always willing to help a fellow!

Fantastic news! This public domain service is coming to life with Curt's request, giving birth to ScreenMark :Thmbsup:

Original thread: Re: Show Center of monitor screen

Source code: ScreenMark @ GitHub

sniff sniff do i smell my replica ideas in here?  :D

just kidding, great idea! :up: :up: :up:

just kidding, great idea! :up: :up: :up:-KodeZwerg (April 20, 2021, 08:12 PM)
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Thanks K! The more of these projects the merrier for assisting fellow users :)


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