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CD starts always centered screen


Hi there!
Glad to see CD is still alive!
I've being using it since a long time ago, but had a lack of about 4 years without a desktop (mobile only), now I'm back. So happy there are many of my favorite softwares are even better! Congratulations for this great job!
I'm using the 64-bit version on Windows 10, but couldn't find a way for it to open in locked position. It always starts at the center of the screen, no matter what I change in its configuration panel. I try looking in .ini files but could not find any "startup position" entry there. Could anybody please point how to fix that? I would like to use it beyond the edge of screen (top), so it would be only half visible... is it possible? I did it in previos OS I used...
Thank you guys in advance for any enlightening idea for this!

CD starts always centered screen

Settings > Location
Settings > Toggling


Circle Dock version?


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