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NANY 2021: Wox Rolz Die Roller Plugin


NANY 2021 Entry Information
Application Name Wox Rolz Die Roller Plugin Version 1.0.0 Short Description Plugin for the Wox launcher that uses to roll dice and show the results. Supported OSes Windows on any version that Wox is supported on Web Page Download Link System Requirements: Same as Wox Version History
* 2020-12-31 - 1.0.0 - Initial ReleaseAuthor wraith808

I just started using the Wox Launcher, and think it might be my new launcher of choice. I use a lot for rolling dice for RPGs, and figured that a good project for a plugin was to allow the use of the API from within Wox Launcher.

Either download the plugin package from my site and drag it onto the search screen or install it directly from search by typing

--- Code: Text ---wpm install Rolz Roller 

The plugin page can be found at

How to Use
The keyword for the roller is rolz, and it uses the same syntax shown on Click the result to copy the text to the keyboard. A sample query is shown below:

nice  :Thmbsup:

Looks nice and relatively simple. :Thmbsup:

Reminds me of this more graphically enhanced dice rolling software called Sophie's Dice:

Available on, Steam, and Google Play.

Yeah... I was just trying to get something that would be quick to reference when I needed a roll rather than going to the full-fledged site or opening an app.  That does look cool though! 


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