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names displayed format in outlook 2019 varying format


Windows 10 20H2 ad Office 365 latest version

When I send email from Outlook the name displayed seems to vary in format for no particular reason.   I need a way for every email to show the display name  PLUS   the actual email address associated with it in Contacts.  This same format needs to apply when receiving email from anyone but i cannot find any place to chose what i want displayed in those fields. 

I have no idea why a very few contacts work in the way I need them to but most do not.
John and Mary are husband and wife but Johns emails always show his full email address inside a parenthesis after showing his display name of John Doe.
(example To:  John Doe ([email protected])

When receiving email from people, I would also prefer that it show both the display name as well as the complete email right beside it in the same manner rather than showing only the display name.  Oddly enough, on John Doe, when he send me email it dos NOT show his full email address but only his display name which  makes me wonder if this is due to something done by 'autofill'

I have noticed that a few other people also work as John Doe does but 90% or more do not.   Outlook is using the offline global address book and i have checked their contact cards in that list and cannot find any differences.  I thought it might be a property of the address list used but that doesn't seem to be the case. I also cannot 'force' this format as Outlook replaces the full address with the display name in 90% of the cases But not for John Doe and a few others where it shows the Display Name and the full email address inside the parentheses.  I also have autofill turned on and this is the way autofill adds the address for these people.

Is there any setting located somewhere in Outlook that I can use to get the From and To: fields to always display both the display name as well as the actual email address  for all email such as   To: John Doe ([email protected])?   Instead of only showing the display name of just To: John Doe

This might help:

Another link that may be of assistance:

Addresses that Exchange deems as internal, you can forget about showing up as: (recipient name) <recipient address>. Exchange will always remove the <recipient address> part. That is just how Exchange does its business.

Thanks for the links, Shades!   The real issue is all the email from Spoofer's who use their real email address and only set the display name to show as one of the Internal Users. 
I have already installed the official MS rule in the Exchange Server location that is supposed to be able to block senders when their external address does not match the display name address.  That rule used to work fine and  maybe still does on some email but a lot of it still gets through.  The users can see the sender is not "Real" but only AFTER they have clicked on "reply" will Outlook display where you are actually replying to is an address like ::
 <I-AM_Junk @>. 
The "mis" information is there in the email header but it the users cant "see" it until they attempt to reply to it.   I have seen many people ask for ways to get this to show up > Before < people have already gone that far but no one I have seen has posted any way around that yet.


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