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NANY 2021 Entry: The Lightning Bolt Quiz

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But, in an effort to bring a lighter tone to this thread, check out this link to a fun and musical intermezzo, made by Google. However, you can create your own compositions as well.

The similarity between the music behind this link and Gregorian chant music is quite high. Especially the latter I find "soothing" on many levels , but the Google project comes quite close. Let's hope the link does the same for other participants in this thread.

A bunch of other people, who are or probably have been annoyed by the evangelist in the past, jumped in the thread bragging about how "evil" they are, effectively trolling the evangelist into doing what he does: evangelize.-Deozaan (December 26, 2020, 04:11 PM)
--- End quote ---

I'd just like to point out that I'll excuse myself from this bunch because:

* I have no idea who the OP is and/or whether or not they are Pro-religious because it is quite literally the first time I've looked at a thread by them, (AFAICR), and only because it had "lightning bolt" in the subject, (being a lover of thunderstorms).
* I am completely indifferent to all things religious ... actually I just don't care.
* Given the cartoonish nature of the initial graphic I took it as a bit of fun and responded in kind.

Forums topics should be clean and on topic.  I agree with the decision to split the topic as it was easily changing scope (I admit I was helping that along, but I couldn't let things stand like that - I hope you understand what I mean).  As long as the topic was about the app, things were fine with me, and it was amusing to watch people's responses.  I think our moderator is a good one.

I don't know whether y'all think I'm part of the "bunch" or not, though.  hee hee  I do try not to engauge in religious topics here simply because it's not the reason for the site (not that I'm adverse to discussing religion).

Stoic Joker:
For me the phrase "Situational Awareness" come to mind. This is a software/programming forum, that also just so happens to get a lot of attention (NANY) this time of year. So (to me) any discussion - in a NANY thread - should solely and only be in regard to how well any given program fits - or accomplishes - its intended purpose ... Period!

Yes, at times there can be some 'grey areas' but in the interest of respecting someone's "house" (e.g. Mouser's), I think it is generally best - at times like this - to err-on-the-side-of-caution, and keep things as technical as possible to avoid running across something - potentially... - inflammatory during a time when the audience is highly mixed...

tl;dr Never ask a cop if he wants to get high during a traffic stop, when his body cam is running... Savvy?!?

My 2 cents:

1. The NANY apps are about the coder doing what they want; people can take or leave it.  No shame in making a NANY app that has a personal position on something like politics or religion; everyone is entitled to their own views.
2. We also try very hard to keep politics and religion off the forum (except in the basement section); this is for our own sanity and is a purposeful decision to focus on areas of discussion where we can be most supportive of each other despite our differences; there are other places on the web better suited for healthy disagreements on these topics.
3. I can see this thread has the potential to sit in both realms of #1 and #2.  We try to avoid hard and fast rules here, so this calls for some balance and common sense.
4. Accordingly, I think it makes sense to give this thread some leeway, BUT in general if people want to have an ONGOING active discussion of religious stuff, better to split that off and continue it in the basement or elsewhere.
5. After all -- a thread about a NANY app should be about THAT APP -- not general religious discussion.
6. And of course everyone keep civil and friendly and try to find ways of being supportive of each other.. Especially this year of 2020 where we have all been tested and stressed and freaked out enough already   :Thmbsup:


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