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Drag&Drop towards a FARR result to open with %1 argument


Filipe Meira Castro:

I have a batchfile that requires a %1 argument.

When searching for this batchfile, I would like to be able to drag&drop into this FARR result to open an application with added %1 argument.

Alternatively, does any know of a small "drag & drop" executable that would just open a bank window for dropping, and that after dropping would close and provide the dropped link as an command line variable? With that variable, I would then pass it to the batch file!

Interesting?! ;)

Is it only one batchfile in a fixed location? In that case, how about an alias for that batchfile, with the path to another file as command line parameter. You type the start of the alias in FARR and then drag and drop the file you want as parameter in the FARR searchbox. Its path will then be added to the FARR searchbox. You next press enter to trigger to alias action. Would look something like this:

I have a little program called ReRun whose only job is to launch another program that has no way to specify parameters.

Filipe Meira Castro:
Thanks for input @Nod5, @BGM, looks great  :Thmbsup:

Wow, rereading my description, I say the same thing over and over...  like  a rerun!  hahhahahahahha!

I write most of my programs in autohotkey, but that one I wrote in BCX (compiles as pure C) so it's super-tiny, but I think it's only 32bit.


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