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customize names of captured images?


The image I just captured is named "14_2411x2975_6CF23CBB.png".

The "14" is the day of the month captured, the "2411x2975" is the pixel dimensions of the captured image, and I don't know what the "6CF23CBB" is.

Is there a way to customize the names given to captured images, e.g. to include date and time info?

Yep, you can customize this in the "File Naming" options tab:

You can also enable the pop-up post capture dialog if you want to quickly type in a custom filename after each capture.

Wow!  I was using 2.45.2 - looks like there have been huge changes in the Options window!  High time for me to update.  Thanks!

I didn't notice that the screenshot is from Screenshot Captor rather than Clipboard Help+Spell.

I'm copying selected portions of images to the clipboard using Irfanview (because it copies the selected rectangle at full resolution, not the displayed resolution).  CHS captures the image selection to the PNG file as described above. 

I'd like to configure the name of the file containing the captured image.  It seems maybe I can do this using the Paste as File function?

How do I get to the Quick Paste popup dialog and the Clip Actions menu so i can select Paste as File?  I haven't been able to find it.


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