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NANY 2021: yaydl

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I still use yaydl, so looking forward to new version!

Glad you like it! :)

0.10.0 is released and published:

yaydl 0.10.0, on the road to 1.0.0:
* New feature: Playlist support for handlers! Might fix issues like #1.
* New site: xHamster. (Uses the new playlist support. Yay!)
* The WebDriver port can be set as an environment variable now to save some typing.
* The progress bar is now cleared after a download is finished.
* cargo will now strip the resulting binary when compiling in release mode.
--- End quote ---


For those following the development: This does mean that yaydl can now handle sites that use .m3u8 playlists with .ts segments! :)

There will be a major refactoring, killing all unsafe code, some time later. I finally got a contributor! :)

great  :Thmbsup:


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