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Web service to let supporters vote rankings


As some of you know, a friend and I have started working on a youtube series where we discuss board games.

We were thinking that we'd like to have a giant list of potential games (1000s) and let the audience (or just patreon supporters?), help decide which games we review in which order.

So that requires having a page which lists all the (1000s of) potential items up for consideration, and let's people indicate their top favorites (maybe like rank their top 10 or something), and then lets us see which gets the most votes or shares.

Does anyone know of any web service or wordpress plugin that does this easily?

Maybe this is just something that any easy voting plugin could handle.. Or maybe there are some features that would be especially useful for doing this kind of thing where you are asking people to help rank choices and then striking items off the top of the list as you do them..

I guess that's the thing that makes me think this is somewhat specialized requirement, in that it's not simply a one-time poll, but rather a list that we will over time be taking completed items off of.. where when we take an item off the list, people should be able to re-allocate their vote?  Or maybe we need some way for people who vote on an item that gets completed to then have less weight on subsequent votes?

It's an interesting problem in general -- the best way to let supporters help rank and choose items to do from a list where you are adding and removing items constantly... Ideas welcome..


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