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A script for a black screen

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This one is the trial....                        ----------------------------------- >>>>>>>>>>

This one :
Turn Off LCD is a tiny application which turns off your notebook LCD just with one click. To turn off your display, double click on the file. This might not work if you have a sensitive mouse that wakes up the ‘screen’ every few minutes.

Have I a sensitive external mouse ?  :-\

I will try and comment

Yes I have a sensitive external mouse !!!!!!!!

A cable mouse : Trust

When desconect the mouse the problem don't happen . To Try in every prior case.....

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

We get it , we get it , we get it !!!!!!!

It's solved !!!!!!!!

thanks Ath and everyone.

Mouse "drift" can indeed also be an issue. The brand 'Trust' for computer gear had a very bad reputation in the Netherlands. If it wasn't the hardware itself that failed, the supporting software would. It came fast and went away fast between the late 90's and 2000's. Good riddance.

Preventing mouse "drift" can be simple. Replace the mouse with a model from a reputable brand.
Also, how level is the surface where you use your mouse on? A slight slope can be enough to cause "drift".
Is the surface where you use your mouse reflective? Like glossy or is it white? Generally speaking, optical mouses do not handle glossy surfaces or white surfaces well. Use a dark surface that doesn't reflect.
Better yet, get a mouse mat. Spend a bit and get a decent and large enough mouse pad that also fits your keyboard or laptop. Saves time not having to spend on maintenance (cleaning gunk from the top and bottom surfaces of your mouse, I consider that maintenance).


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