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Remote is a program that allows the controlling of multiple computers via one keyboard and mouse. If anyone has any ideas regarding a better name for it, please reply to

To use it to control a PC/Laptop from another PC/Laptop, do the following:

1. Choose Server in its dialog box while running it on the PC/Laptop that you're wanting to use to control the other one.
2. Click Start.
3. On the other one, choose Client in its dialog box.
4. Enter in the IP address that is displayed in the dialog box of the one being used as the Server.
5. Click Connect.
6. To control the PC/Laptop that has it running in Client mode from the one being ran in Server mode, move the mouse to the upper right portion of its screen. It should then send the mouse movements to the Client.
7. To regain control of the one being used as Server, move the mouse of the one being used as Client to the upper left portion of its screen.

License: Open Source (MIT)

Here is what it looks like:


I wonder why he limited the responding to issues, etc. in its Repository.


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