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Manage the display in the laptop

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run CMD as admin, don't just open it normally
rightclick it then run as admin.

normal open will not work.
elevated CMD will.

Running to try.
Best Regards

I opened the cmd.exe as admin and introducing powercfg -energy -trace
gives me the message : No se pudo cargar la biblioteca de Diagn├│stico de eficiencia energ├ętica (energy.dll).

The above one was in 64 bits
I am trying with the cmd.exe in 32 bits :
Now I obtain :
Habilitando el seguimiento durante 60 segundos...
Observando el comportamiento del sistema...

 :-* :P

finally : Seguimiento completo .... and come back to the indicative point.
That's all I can see....


Google is my friend:
Open a CMD interface (as administrator), then type:
powercfg -energy -trace
After waiting a minute you should now see an overview of processes that make use of the Windows energy saving functionality. That should give you insight into the problematic software.

You can also open the Windows Event Viewer and filter out all logging except for 'Event Source: Kernel-Power' and 'event ID: 62'. Another way to find out what might cause your problem.

If you feel this type of Windows interface is not your thing, let someone who knows take a look at the events that took place on your laptop.

-Shades (October 18, 2020, 12:25 AM)
--- End quote ---
First attempt produce no interaction or results. I will try in different moments.

 :-* :P

can I try in safe mode and see if after 15 minutes the monitor is off ?
Can I try closing residents or opened programs until I detect the conflictive one ?
And the services ?
 :-* :P

I think one of my programs have the instruction to not allow the turn off of the display or the suspend option.


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