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Manage the display in the laptop

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I am a little in despair with the screen options, the energy options.

So these are my need :
1. In my laptop turn off the display while the download continue. So don't enter in suspension, only turn off the display after a time.
2. Except of course if I am not plug connected to electricity.

At the present moment :
1. I have bad configured something. So the screen never turn off. I usually put in mininum of brillance with the keyboard option . F2 key .
2. I am using an app Radial menu v4 for turning off the display before I leave, but sometimes when I come back the display is on.

I will edit the post in a while after locate the display configuration, and energy configuration options.

Best Regards
Manage the display in the laptop

attached files about my energy configuration. It express 10 and 15 minutes, but my display never autoturn off...

Manage the display in the laptopManage the display in the laptopManage the display in the laptopManage the display in the laptop

so i have something disconfigurated sure. In some place I put not to turn off the display ...

Likely a piece of software is preventing the screen from your laptop to turn off.

Which software? You could find out by using very short times to turn your screen off and use a process of elimination to find the software causing your problem. Software to watch videos (like Windows media player, PotPlayer, VideoLan etc.) prevent Windows from turning off the screen.

Do you, for example, have software running in the background that moves the mouse. Even though you might not see a mouse cursor on your screen, that does not mean your mouse is not moving by software running in the background. Moving the mouse 1 pixel (at regular short intervals) is already enough to not turn off your screen.

There are more ways to prevent a screen from turning off. If finding the problematic software is too much of a hassle for you, you could consider using a tool to turn off your screen manually. Such software can help you out with the process of elimination, so it is likely a good idea to go out and find/download/install such software. There are quite some freeware tools that can turn off your screen by the touch of a button you configure.

There is also a possibility that there is a hardware device in your laptop that has conflicting power saving settings configured. For that you must open the Windows Device Manager, right-click on devices you see to open its properties. A new screen opens where some (but not all) devices have a tab 'Power Management' (or whatever it is called in Windows using the Spanish language). You could disable this functionality for each available device and see if that fixes your problem. Or at least disable the function 'allow this device to wake up Windows' or whatever it is called in a Spanish Windows.

Personally, I don't know of any software that can pinpoint exactly which (background) process is preventing Windows to turn off the screen, so the process of elimination is the only way out of this dilemma. In my mind at least.

Also, something that can also not be ruled out, is there someone with (remote) access to your laptop? If that is true, there is the possibility that this or these persons have accessed your laptop in your absence. I assume you are the only one with access to your laptop and that you don't allow (remote) access to your laptop by anyone. Assuming too much leads to all kinds of problems, so I tend to not do that too much and ask for as much info beforehand.

Something not possible with all of your previous questions on this forum.

Google is my friend:
Open a CMD interface (as administrator), then type:
powercfg -energy -trace
After waiting a minute you should now see an overview of processes that make use of the Windows energy saving functionality. That should give you insight into the problematic software.

You can also open the Windows Event Viewer and filter out all logging except for 'Event Source: Kernel-Power' and 'event ID: 62'. Another way to find out what might cause your problem.

If you feel this type of Windows interface is not your thing, let someone who knows take a look at the events that took place on your laptop.

I'll try and comment everything
 :-* :P

Manage the display in the laptop
I am sure I am the Administrator !


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