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Open/Save Dialog Utilities - response to Nudone's Blog from May

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PS Hot Folders is pretty nice.  Just to point out, though:

* It doesn't save folder/file histories on a per-application basis--only globally (actually, for some reason, the file history feature didn't work at all for me).

* It doesn't save favorite files/folders on a per-application basis--only globally.

* It adds just one button to Open/Save dialogs, and you access everything from there.

* It doesn't add other things to the dialogs, such as an easy indication of the current path, or drive buttons.

I'm emphatically not trying to be a jerk, putting down mouser's mentioned software.  Just trying to save somone some trouble, since I had to install PS Hot Folders to find out that it's not right for me.  Not everyone will care about the things I mentioned.

And on the other hand, there is no idiotic splash screen, and--GOSH!--you get a registration code as soon as you order (unlike, in both cases, XFilesDialog).  And I can only imagine the license isn't as much of a thumb-up-the-ass.

The drag-and-drop configuration is really nice as well.

are we having a software review on all this sometime soon?

Ha ha ha - thanks, Scott. I know you are writing out of frustration, but the "thumb up the ass" line gave me the best laugh of the week! :)

i nominate scott for this review.. starting next week?

Ummm, uhhh...


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