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Open/Save Dialog Utilities - response to Nudone's Blog from May

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I use XFilesDialog, which I have not seen mentioned on this site. I prefer it to File-Ex 3 for a variety of reasons - IMHO GUI is better, it seems more powerful to me (and more easily configured), and it just WORKS, whereas I had problems getting File-Ex to work with Office 2000/XP apps. I realise that I can configure File-Ex so that the GUI is more to my liking - I didn't like the default settings that placed additional buttons and menus at the bottom of the dialog (XFilesDialog adds the same functionality via buttons placed in the title bar). What sealed the deal for me was the lack of default support in File-Ex for Office 2000/XP (I use pieces of both). XFilesDialog also supports editing of the PlacesBar whereas other apps that I have tried don't do this "out of the box".

Just some thoughts to add to the mix...

XFilesDialog ( )

i shall definately investigate - i'm currently not using any dialog helper...

settings up a logical and easy to navigate set of common folders i.e. sticking them on the root, is almost as good as using any open/save modification util.

i shall no doubt change my mind by the end of the month.

excellent post  :up:

yep xfilesdialog is a nice one.
some of these dialog extenders have problems with certain programs - and it definitely pays to try them again when they release a new version as they often improve.

i happen to agree with you that i prefer a nice titlebar button, small and out of the way.

we plan to do a review of dialog box extenders sometime in near future.

i couldnt live without one of these open/save dialog extenders.

i NEED them to be bigger, and in details mode, and have a list of my fav folders.

this is one of these tools you can't live without once you get used to it.


Thanks for the positive responses. I feel I should clarify a point I made in my original post about Places Bar tweaking. XFilesDialog does not allow the user to do this directly, but does recognise changes made to the Places Bar via editing the registry directly or through the use of X-Set-up, TweakUI, PlacesBarTweaker (, etc.  I found that DlgXRSizer didn't do this when I tried it yesterday. I no longer remember whether File-Ex 3 did this or not (I tested it about a month ago).




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