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NanoAdblocker is now malware



FF version is fine:

Can you please post an extract of what you are linking so people don't have to go on a treasure hunt?

Yes, something like the approach (report+quote) is really useful, not only because links sometimes end up being broken.

And yes, selling your extension to malware guys sucks. :( I wonder what could prevent that... Chrome auto-disabling an extension once the owner changes, so that the user has to enable it again manually? But then some bad guys could try to just 'lease' the extension from the owner, abusing it without a change in ownership. But that would probably be limited to countries like Russia, where it's not likely to suffer the consequences if you distribute malware to people outside of Russia. (Yes, I read in this case it's probably Turkey, not Russia.)

More widely, it's one of the problems with less popular apps and extensions that you give permissions to - they can always be sold, and you won't find out until it's too late.


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