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Show IP Address from domain name

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Stoic Joker:
Dealing with varying user skill levels, having the game server host a web page that simply displayed its IP address might be the easiest way out for all.

Some good idea's here.
I'll try and follow some through.

@KodeZwerg - It seems that my domain name at No-IP is treated as a sub-domain. This is what I get "Can't get nameservers at parent server!<br>I only check domains not subdomains!"

@4wd - I like this approach and if I could parse and return just the IP and wrap the code up behind a GUI - that'd be ideal.

@Stoic Joker - that's not a bad idea to have a webpage showing the IP. The server does respond so I know the routing to it is fine (just that the game instance is only allowing IP not domain name to access the process). Still interested in having a small utility that can be run on a client machine as it is a dynamic IP (so the IP is available outside the server already) and although I have Respond to ICMP turned off on the router (so all actual ping responses will fail), the first line if the servers there does return an IP which can be parsed out if I can figure out how or erm someone can for me :) But I'll look into the other suggestions as well. Thanks.

[...] Still interested in having a small utility that can be run on a client machine as it is a dynamic IP
-davcom (October 16, 2020, 06:18 AM)
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I'm on it! :)


This isn't exactly what is requested, but it's a potential solution:

If you are in control of the host/server, or can influence the owner to do this, the host can sign up for a free service such as and register a free domain such as "" and then configure the host's router or run an update client on the host which will tell NSUpdate the server's latest IP address. Then anyone else can always just type into their browser (or game) and will get redirected to the IP address of the server.

EDIT: I see now that I misunderstood. You already have a static domain name, but the IP address changes and the game only allows entering the IP address and not the domain name. Your needs are exactly opposite to my proposed solution. Sorry about that. :-[


I'm on it! :)

-publicdomain (October 16, 2020, 10:02 AM)
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Vic, that is awesome ! Thank you.

Downloading from Github now.


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