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Grab Active Window does NOT work for certain programs


Hi there,

Is somebody else experiencing windows that ScreenshotCaptor cannot capture?

Some specific examples I have
(for the first 2, I include URLs to grab those programs if you'd like to confirm)

1) Any of the installation screens of the current Notepad++ version (7.8.9x64)

2) Any of the installation screens of the current Firefox
The direct link based on my selections:

3) The "Device manager" window of Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 PRO x64 v61b7601 English

4) The "Sensor Status" window of HWiNF064 v6.30

Any workaround suggestions please?
I am aware that the other options (Fullscreen, Workspace, Selected region) work fine
but only being interested in saving the window, this means extra work...

If possible I'd appreciate technical reasons to understand why this happens to specific programs.

BTW, I am using ScreenshotCaptor v4.36.1

Thanks in advance. Regards


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