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Best offline software for sudokus

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I don't see the option : what happen if ...
That is risk a number (but remain marked in some special way....) and control the results.

Is it possible ?
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The sudoku free for windows is more friendly..... until this moment
sudokuki is more friendly in the memo option because when you go to insert a number you select the mode.

But in both cases not are very fast.

The notes or memo option and the automatic recognition of a number used is very friendly in the sudoku free.
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I try for myself

I need the draft mode.
Downloading Microsoft sudoku and Sudoku - Pro.
I will comment
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I had problems with the session and microsoft sudoku. trying the next one.
Microsoft Sudoku seems associated to the Xbox environment. .....

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The draft mode in Sudoku - Pro is really the notes in Sudoku Free. I find Sudoku Free more friendly.

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Sudoku Free is more powerful and interactive.

Microsoft Sudoku is pending I can login with the account. I suppose support offline but I need login...


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