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switching between captures with and without special effects possible?


I am switching between capturing as PNG and JPG very often – solved:

Is there such an option/parameter/trick available for switching "on demand" between screenshots with and without "special effects"?
Usually I have a shadow and white border around my captures (via Special Effect Options). But sometimes I want to have my shots without these effects.

And, yes, one workaround would be two setting files (ScreenshotCaptor.ini). But a command line or similar would be better – or simply the best (solution) ;)

Thanks (for your work & help)!

Is there really no other option than switching between two ini files to switch between with and without "special effects (options)"?

Well, that sounds kind of a correct assessment.
Mouser has been promising a revamped key-mapping feature in SC where all available (menu)options would be available for mapping to a hotkey (when SC is focused), but that isn't available yet.

You could craft up an AHK or AutoIt script that finds and opens the SC settings and toggle that setting for you, though.

Okay, then a "workaround solution". Thanks!


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