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Screenshot captor as keylogger or automating saving screenshots ?


By example :

1. Take screenshots during a time. Intervals may be defined.

triggers :
a) when open a program determined
b) when open a webpage determinated
c) during a time activation
d) etc.

How can I do that ?


or try this:

I'll try both and comment. Casually a few minutes ago I received a phone call from Amazon Madrid.
I am disgusted because I observ an offer and take screenshots with screenshot captor . I bought the product at the first price and a few minutes after the price vary to almost three times. Five minutes after the product was not available.
I investigate and the final price for similar products is 6 times the first price.
My irritation is because if you don't notice this you are waiting weeks for the product and finally they return the money without the product.
I suppose is an error of the seller, but I have a similar problem with a hard disk and I am not ready to excuse this sort of things again and again.
It's not fair. Suppose you really need the product you will never receive. Or suppose you don't have enough money to the second option and have to wait....

When the person calls me says they are recording all the phone call. So I answer : Me too.
 :-* :P

Best Regards
Thanks a lot Ath.


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