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How to delete a folder that Windows can't find?

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Somehow my Windows 10 ended up with a folder on C: that it "can't find" when I try to delete it. :o

IIRC I copied or FTP downloaded a folder with a very long name (let's call it "Z"), containing files with long file names. Now I can only rename the folders above Z, but not Z itself. I can't open Z either. Deleting Z or any parent folder fails.

Any ideas? :)

Stoic Joker:
Stuff I've done in the past:
Shorten names from above until it comes into range.
Map a drive letter to something just above the problem folder to "shorten" its path when accessed through the mapped letter.

and if you just want to delete it:
RmDir \\.\C:\[parent folder path] /q /s

Had to use that one a few times to get rid of hacked FTP's with hidden folder trees, using space character named folders.

For a GUI, try Helge Klein SetACL Studio. It will delete anything. Product page here, no cost (used to be commercial).

Yeah, I had already unsuccessfully tried "Shorten names from above until it comes into range."

rmdir did the trick! More info:

Thanks to both of you!  :)

Make sure you verify it's existence and name in the detail panel as opposed to the tree


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