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Ah, well, that works, too, and sounds alot like the way the old Windows 7 Quicklaunch works.  (I am thinking of letting Incipitor do things with that folder too - I use it all the time).

The point of Incipitor is that you can click on the things you want to make shortcuts for.
I was planning on an option to specify what folder you wanted to use.  So Incipitor could work for your custom folder, too.  That would not be hard to do at all and is more or less what the Windows Start Menu [used to] does, and exactly how Incipitor works.  Incipitor would let you add things to that folder from the context menu of the items you wish to add and you don't have to deal with two explorer windows (or two panels in FreeCommander like I would do) which means less navigation.

Okay, so I'm working on a first version at the moment.  As soon as I have one, I'll add the official NANY entry stuff into the first post (Hi, Mouser).

This sounds really useful!  Especially since they're taking away my ability to install things on the new laptop they're sending me  :-\

Uh, for that not-being-able-to-install things - you can fix that and make Windows normal again, you know.  I've done it once so far - there is a Windows Store app that you download, and after you run it, it disables that silly Windows "Safe Mode" and makes everything normal.  I did this on an hp recently and everything works just fine now.

I think it's called "S Mode"; How-to-Geek tells how to disable it.

Now, Incipitor will need to add a registry entry for the context menu.  I can put an install/uninstall button in the program's GUI, but if folks want to delete Incipitor, most of them won't remember to uninstall it from the context menu before deleting the program, so I'm thinking of actually making an installer for the application so that when it gets uninstalled it can remove the registry entry and therefore the context menu entry.  But I think that might just be optional.  I don't like making installers because it's more work  ;D but for this purpose it does sort of make sense to create one.  Maybe I'll include it in the download, but specify the reason for it in the readme file and on my website's page (or something like that).  However, the program itself will come first, with the install-context-menu item in the GUI, and if I feel froggy enough, I'll make the installer to go with it.  But I dont' think this program will be so popular due to it's exclusive nature (for power users, really), so I'm not sure if it's worth the effort of creating an installer.

It's not windows S mode.  It's that they're removing our admin privileges.  I might be able to install things as a non-admin if they don't need the privileges, but they will also probably be scanning to see what's installed if the past is any indication.  So because of that, can you make it completely non-intrusive if need be?  I might be able to access HKCU, but I'm not counting on it.

Hmmm...  adding a context menu entry requires access to HKCU for sure.  You would need admin privileges to install the program then, I guess.  I never considered how it would work for a non-admin user wanting to install things...  I've never used a non-admin account before (hee hee)


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