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Ludum Dare 47: October 2nd-5th, 2020

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Fun little thing, because of the way I assign version numbers to my projects (I use the date in YYMMDD format), I noticed that the jam ended on 20-10-05, each number being half of the preceding number. 🤓

Congrats, Deo!

The two of us took regular screenshots with Chronolapse while we worked on Chrono Crash, with the intent of compiling them into timelapses. If I did the math right (based on how many images we captured, and the interval between each capture), each of us captured around 50 hours of footage (including some AFK time) for these videos.

Here is the timelapse of Roidz working on the game:

And here is the timelapse of my work on the game:

Nice work, deo!
-mouser (October 07, 2020, 03:14 AM)
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Congrats, Deo!
-wraith808 (October 07, 2020, 07:45 AM)
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The final results are in! Here's how Chrono Crash scored out of 2406 other jam entries:

* Overall: 334th (3.859 average from 34 ratings)
* Fun: 231st (3.875 average from 34 ratings)
* Innovation: 374th (3.719 average from 34 ratings)
* Theme: 91st (4.297 average from 34 ratings)
* Graphics: 765th (3.594 average from 34 ratings)
* Audio: 291st (3.79 average from 33 ratings)
* Humor: 925th (2.5 average from 25 ratings)
* Mood: 720th (3.466 average from 31 ratings)


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