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IDEA: HardDrive-BUS-O-Meter


Hi there,

it would be nice to have some kind of notify icon that tells me how much capacity is currently used over Mainboard BUS for HardDrives to answer "Why does Windows hang/load slowly/etc".

My tries to code such lead to no satisfaction. I am able to visualize current Transfer speeds (besides WindowsCache) but I have no clue how to deal with Mainboard BUS...

It would be cool to have some percentage Display as a Notify Icon or with Graphic pretty similar to TaskManagers CPU-load Icon. (Or both ^^)

Target OS: Windows 10 x64

Then you better take a look at this:

It collects and generates metrics. In and of itself it doesn't do that much, but you can add already available plugins to collect the metric you need, or write your own.

Having seen reports you can generate with it, it is very interesting. Not sure it does tray notification though.

Then there is also the built-into Windows itself Resource Monitor. You can select the resource you wish to monitor, and there is a tray notifier.
DiskMon from SysInternals might prove useful too. Just as Process Monitor, also from SysInternals. This tool shows you resource usage of processes (duh), including CPU, RAM, disk I/O, network I/O, handles etc. Process Monitor can activate a tray notifier as well

All of the tools mentioned here are freeware.

I do appreciate your Link, but I am kinda too dumb to make any effort from it.

DiskMon, ProcMon and similar tools I already tested, they do same thing that my try-to-code version does.
They tell me how much traffic at the moment is done. (or what causes that traffic)

What I wanted to have is:

1. (Mainboard-BUS has limitations) read-out how high that limitation is
2. visualize how much BUS-load is currently used (all traffic together, not a single process/connected device)
3. nothing more

If it is still unclear, please ask where I should give more informations!


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