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Flatten Folder Menu - Adds "Flatten" context menu to folders (v0.2.0)

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Recently flattened a rather large hierarchy of files using Vic's program here.

Over 48,000 files.

Flatten did the job wonderfully!

Made for Pbx01, justW3.
-publicdomain (September 26, 2020, 06:58 PM)
--- End quote ---

thank you so much for creating this. it's so helpful and works just as I need it to. waited a looog time for someone to meet this need but well worth the wait. perfect!  :-*

Enhancement Requests (again):

1.  Long path issues still a big problem.  Preferred would be to deal with as many files as possible before quitting when finding that one or more files has a path length problem.  Seems presently that FFM looks through folder to be flattened, and gives up as soon as a long folder/file path length issue is noticed.  Please, just keep chugging on, and tell user at the very end that long folder/file path length issue was observed, and couldn't flatten just those files, but everything else was a success.

2.  Receive error message, Can't flatten if file already exists.  Please simply add a number suffix to any files that same-named file already exist.  This was supposedly already the case, however.  Maybe I'm missing something.

Thanks Victor!

Roger that Nick! :)

I was unaware of this project, but found a bug for you to fix :D
Your Tool is unable to remove folders that have flags set for readonly and crash.  :o
Your Tool is unable to register context menu when it was copied to a windows protected folder like \Program Files\
(I mean, it does lie to me, it say it can not register but infact it does register, error pops up because it can not write an icon file)


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