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N.A.N.Y. 2021: ClipURLCleaner - Clean URLs in your clipboard

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NANY 2021 Entry Information
Application Name ClipURLCleaner Short Description Cleans URLs in your clipboard automatically Supported OSes Tested on macOS and Windows 10, might work elsewhere Web Page Download Link Attached Version History
* Update 2: Fixed Windows tray icon.
* Update 1: Fixed Windows 10 start.
* Initial version.

Sharing shortened URLs like or URLs with trackers like ?utm_something=abc (or even both) is annoying.

Watch the clipboard and clean URLs automatically.


Known bugs:
The tool won’t work behind a corporate proxy.

Trying to start the Windows Version does open my WebBrowser with this content.

I do not know exactly what causes that...
Single file scan with Window Defender say: nothing bad found.

For now I am unable to run it.


Fix your “security” software?  :-[

How do I "fix" Windows Defender would be my next question... this is the first application where such thing happened.

Disable it. Instant security improvement. Seriously, virus scanners are pointless overhead.
Else, I’m pretty sure that there must be a way to declare the .exe as harmless.


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