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JSON Editor with Treeview needed

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Good day fellas!

I am in need for a qualified JSON Viewer and Editor that offers a Treeview.

On my research I did found UltraEdit, Visual Studio Code with Plugin, Notepad++ with Plugin, JSON Viewer from Mitec.
All of those looking good, but I did not tested any of them yet.

Thats why I started this topic to learn from your experience for/with such fileformat.

My main aspect is to have a functional Treeview where I simply can doubleclick to open Edit (doesnt have to be exactly like I wrote, but in a manner like that)

Please share your wisdom with me!
Screenshots that demonstrate Treeview/Edit for your suggestion are very welcome to ease decission.

@moderator: Sorry if I posted in wrong sub-forum. Feel free to move!

Like this one?  Mass JSON Editor.

Exactly like yours! Thanks for that piece, didnt know that it exists.... sorry me

VS Code has extensions that will do it.

eg. JSON Tree View

VS Code is pretty much replacing every editor I have :-\ ;)

VS Code is pretty much replacing every editor I have :-\ ;)
-4wd (September 22, 2020, 07:54 PM)
--- End quote ---

I feel that.  Well, other than visual studio.  For some strange reason I can't get into debugging code in VS Code.


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