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JSON Editor with Treeview needed

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Like this one?  Mass JSON Editor.
-wraith808 (September 22, 2020, 07:32 AM)
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FYI the link in your app's About box leads to a 404.

Test-Results for MassJsonEditor:
It needs ages to load my file, for about 1.5mb continued data [1 block/node] I have to wait over 10 minutes.
Okay, after it loaded my data, I can't Edit because it say "Json Error" as a red line.
In other Json Tools I can load without errors.
Maby not Unicode compatible? Or memory problems for bigger files?
Anyway, when it works, it do good! (I've tried with much smaller files too)
But for my current need I have to skip this piece.

VSC I wanted to avoid because it's online dependency while installing needed plugins.

Yes, it's probably not unicode compatible.  And as it didn't seem to get much use, I didn't revisit the speed.  I'd just made it for editing the JSON in a directory of files, and the files were all small.  Sorry it didn't work for you... I might try to see if I can thread the loading to speed it up.


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