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I have this android app installed in my mobile.
From the department of health of Abu Dhabi

I would like to find the very best one to recommend to my friends and receive news when someone is infected, or myself.

do you know the very best one ?

I suppose in Europe will be an app for Spain, but I don't know at the present time. I don't see TV or similar, so I ask....

 :-* :P

Edited : Software is universal.

Can I use TraceCovid anywhere ?

"TraceCovid is a mobile app that allows users to detect another device with the same installed app and share proximity data with it. For example, when you are at a supermarket, upon close proximity with someone who has also installed the TraceCovid app as you do, the app on both your devices will exchange an encrypted Secure Tracing Identifier (STI) and store the exchanged STI locally on your devices. The STI consists of anonymised data and timestamp. No personally identifiable information is collected.

When one of the users is infected with the virus, the official authorities will request the infected user to upload the list of STI stored locally on his or her device. This enables the official authorities to react faster and reach out to possibly infected people to render the necessary health care, and potentially minimise the spread of the virus."


I reckon that's got to be an app for your country -- search in Spanish, do a bit of research to see if what you find is recommended or not. You know how it goes.

Spanish app is radar covid, I think

mmm. I deserve this.
Well. In USA is ready an app to detect if you have been in contact or near of an infected person ?
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Spanish app is radar covid, I think
-flamerz (September 17, 2020, 04:05 PM)
--- End quote ---

In Spain Nothing...

Recomendations and so, but the app like TraceCovid

Do you have one in your country specific ?
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