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Cannot capture browser windows

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Every time I try to capture a browser window, (the sole reason I bought this program,) the program takes control of the browser and attempts to open a location at www_getwindoinfo, obscuring the page I intended to capture.
Cannot capture browser windows

Windows 10 Pro Version 2004 OS Build 19041.508
Firefox 80.0.1 (64 Bit)

This is disappointing.

Could you explain a little about what method you are attempting to use to capture the window? I have just tried it using the latest SSC, Firefox and Windows build (using every capture method I could think of) and cannot replicate this behaviour.

The image below was captured using "Capture windows object or scrolling window" then CTRL+Left Click on the window I wanted.

Cannot capture browser windows

I expect the OP's computer is either virus-infected or the browser is hijacked, so it opens that site on specific keypresses.

GetWindowInfo() is a Windows Api method.
Maby under some strange circumstances does SSC send out that method name, and Browser does interprete it as "www .methodname .com" ?

Well, then I'd expect all ScreenshotCaptor/Firefox users would experience that, I guess (and I've been using them together since 'the beginning of time' (or about that long, since 2006 at least)) and never saw that happening.


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