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How to Make a Quiz for American Accents


One of my jobs is to produce a children's magazine.  I was thinking that a fun article would be a little quiz to show them what kind of an American accent they have. 

However, I'm not quite sure how to go about it.

There are several online quizzes.  Here is a pretty accurate one (IMHO), which pinned me pretty well for my Midwest accent.  But this one is an online test.

I am thinking of asking the questions and each answer gives a number score and at the end of the quiz you add up the numbers and if you scored with certain values, then you choose from an answer key.  This is how the site above works if you look at the javascript.

But I thought I would ask y'all to see if you have any good ideas.

I have not real idea about scripting, so my opinion is more easy.

Some time ago I was using Anki for quiz and testing.
Have a wonderful community and a lot of premade quizzes.
I am sure you can fin a way to do this with that program. It also have online quizzes and app for the mobile.
I think you can take a look , try and decide.
Best Regards

Actually, I don't want any kind of script here.  I am looking for how to do this in a written article for a magazine, so I've posted here for ideas.


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