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N.A.N.Y. 2021: SendKeys32 by KodeZwerg

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SendKeys32 (c) by KodeZwerg

Version: N.A.N.Y. Edition

Q: Whats the point?
A: This application may be used to Send Keys x times to other applications.

Base Idea and Initiator: Contro (requested to send CTRL-Z x times)
Translation of that idea into programming code: KodeZwerg
It uses alot of Windows Api code to do its job.
Due the kind of what it is and does, it may be listed as virus/trojan.
(c) Delphi wrappers from Waldemar Derr are used.

All customizable Keys are limited to Windows Api Virtual Keys.
If you need more keys, i should get scancode information.
Windows default fontsize will by used.

Known Bugs:
auto refresh sometimes dont let you scroll correctly within listview.
since you can not send directly keys to any application in a unique way,
I do utilize SendInput().
SendInput() does write my stuff into keyboard driver like you would type them.
Due to that, if my application try to send keys, and some other application
gets into foreground at this moment, my input will be received by that window
and not the window that you have selected.
Some programs work slowly, if you encounter such take advantage of configuration
and increase the "Time in milliseconds between Send Keys" value.
Feel free to find a good working value for your system, 100-200 should be fair.
You should not go lower than 25 ms anyway it is unlocked down to 1 ms.
My application can not be controlled just by keyboard.

feature History, oldest to newest:
added a listview as a selection box
added EnumWindow() to fill listview
added icons for listview
added SendInput() button to send static keys
added loop posibility
redesigned everything for a nany release
stripped down listview to hold only window captions
exported further information into own fields
switched to Delphi wrappers (c) by Waldemar Derr
added auto refresh
added customizable filters with my defaults
added full customizable "Send ShortCut" editor
added full customizable "HotKey" editor
added "only one instance can be run" due HotKey feature
added some hotkey actions
added configuraton page
added customizable delay between Send Keys
added window always on top on/off
added about page

Enjoy another working application by KodeZwerg.

Some Pictures of new GUI
Main Interface:
N.A.N.Y. 2021: SendKeys32 by KodeZwerg
N.A.N.Y. 2021: SendKeys32 by KodeZwerg
N.A.N.Y. 2021: SendKeys32 by KodeZwerg
N.A.N.Y. 2021: SendKeys32 by KodeZwerg

Next Version GUI:
N.A.N.Y. 2021: SendKeys32 by KodeZwerg

Short description for Contro as example "how-to"

1. Run SendKeys32.exe
2. select target via listed window captions
3. as a control you can look handle/pid/classname/filename
4. Execute ShortCuts Editor: check "activate CONTROL key"
5. Execute ShortCuts Editor: select "VK_Z" under "Key" segment
6. Execute ShortCuts Editor: set # of repeats
7. Execute ShortCuts Editor: press "Send ShortCut"

This would be a possible way to send x times CONTROL+Z to target.
For redo just also check "activate SHIFT key"


Updated version in Post #1 available

changes since v0.0.1.7
+redesigned Execute Shortcuts Editor
+Increased Repeater up to 9999
+renamed HotKey actions
+activated "Send ShortCut to focused Window" HotKey action
+added "Setup VK_CUSTOM" on configuration page
+included VK_CUSTOM into "Select Virtual Key" box
+refactored alot of code
+fixed a color bug
+fixed repeat counter bug
+slightly extended about page content

changes since v0.0.1.9
+forgot to readjust edit fields max chars limit for repeating. internal up to 9999, field was limited to two chars, arffff.

Running to try
 :-* :P


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