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Blue Light filter programs

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I am looking for good Blue Light Filter free programs.
I want some small, with some way to config color temperature and brightness :P

f.lux probably the best known, is a good one, howevere at every start this shows a window to enter my location (zip code)

NightLight by D-Ermis is another really small and good, however haven't options to change settings, the filter is not applied to the mouse cursor.

4. Windows 10 built-in

Some of them are just dimmers:

redshift looks very good
RedshiftGUI this is small, have smooth transition and we can configure brightness too.
Redshift Tray this looks very good too, with more options, however nothing seems to work here. Am I doing something wrong or maybe it is broken in Windows?

the settings for redshift tray are:

I have used Redshift only in terminal so I have no idea.


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