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ACDSee vs Thumbsplus vs SmartPix vs others - organising method

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It's funny how I forget I've already posted about some of the questions I've got.

As stated above I've got SmartPix but it really is a little complicated.  However I've been trying ACDSee and Thumbsplus as I might shout myself an image organiser for Father's Day (which it is today in Oz).

I like the idea that one can keep collections of images (or at least their links and thumbnails) in databases.  However ACDSee doesn't seem to operate this way and while I find it better in many other respects I'm not sure I like this single database approach.

Has any one got any comments on this?

Has anyone any experience with CodedColor photo manager?

Thanks for any feedback,


I've also now found IDimager.  I think ACDSee is the easiest to use but I really prefer the "databases" of images to be separate.  No one with any thoughts on this?


not entirely sure why you want the separate databases but ACDSee will let you put image files to cd/dvd (might even let you do it to hard drive - probably not) whilst keeping a thumbnail of the images within the database. these 'remote' image files can then be viewed viewed from 'special' folders that just contain the thumb and a link to the saved out file.

or maybe you could try doing it with contact sheets.

rather than using separate databases you are meant to use the tagging facility to catagorise your files, but as i don't know what you are trying to achieve i can imagine this won't be of any help.

what is it exactly that you are wanting to do?

Hello nudone.  Thanks for replying.  I don't think I am trying to do anything special just keep selections of photos/thumbnails.  I'm just after what people think of the paradigm that ACDSee uses ads opposed to applications where you can keep more than one database variously called databases, albums, catalogs etc.  Owning Smart Pix means this is the style I am used too and I wondered whether I would get used to ACDSee.  ACDSee has one database and then as you say keeps the different collections in "categories".

I've just found Picajet and thought it was very easy to use.  Any experience with that one.


I just received an email from ACD Systems offering me ACDSee Photo Manager 8 with FotoSlate for ~$US50.  Very tempting.



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