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IDEA - Create a text doc of an artists discography.

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fred dred:
This is something I've been trying to do, off-and-on for 12 months - but it's just beyond me.

A program that takes a supplied artist/band and returns a simple text doc (or copyable window) of their discography, ideally scraped from somewhere like (allmusic seems to just list the main entries, rather than somewhere like discogs that shows all variants, releases and pressings).

What you appear to wish for is a 'scraper' or 'site-scraper'.

While there are enough legitimate use-cases for such software, this kind of software is also used for nefarious purposes (hence no links in my post).

fred dred:
Doesn't have to be a scraper - it's just the first thing that came to mind.

I can't think of an easier method to get a list of information back ..... maybe a direct query of a publicly accessible music database? I think the one used by MusicBrainz Picard might work.

I'm a carpenter, not a coder :D

There is a program by skwire called epCheck that downloads parts of the online database at, I can't really distinguish why that would be a suitable program, but this suggestion would not. Great idea, fred dred.

fred dred:
Thanks :)

Maybe using the word 'scrape' was a bad idea?

All I want to do is see what albums I'm missing in my collection, and put that info into a text I can drop into the artists folder - without having to visit allmusic or discogs and laboriously copy and pasting the info line by line.


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