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Hey Mouser,

I'm running CH&S v2.54.0.

A recent crash-to-desktop issue with Affinity Designer when copying a group of elements in a drawing caused me to reach out to them (Serif Software) to alert them to this 100% reproducible crash.  Their response was, "are you using a clipboard manager, and if so could you disable it and try again?"

Long story short, both CH&S and the new Windows 10 Clipboard History feature were running.  When I exited CH&S and turned off Clipboard History, Affinity Designer stopped crashing.  So I turned them on again, but NOT at the same time.  If either is running Affinity Designer will crash.  So that's a "bug" that Serif Software needs to deal with.

"I thought to myself, CH&S has an ignore list.  If I add Designer.exe to the ignore list, it shouldn't crash."  But it does!

So, TLDR:  Affinity Designer doesn't like clipboard managers and will crash performing a copy operation if one is running, but setting CH&S to ignore Affinity Designer doesn't fix the problem.  So I'm here to ask you why, if CH&S is set to ignore Affinity Designer, it is still interacting with it in some way and causing it to crash?  (or have I done it wrong somehow?)

How strange..
But if you can reproduce it, I can fix it.

Your question is a great one -- CHS should basically be ignoring the clipboard when Affinity is running, but it may be getting confused.  Can I ask you to email me so I can send you a debug version and we can try to diagnose exactly what's going on?
([email protected])

Email sent.  Thanks!


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