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CreateShortCutsIn from ewemoa

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This post comes from here
 :-* :P

The point is :
In the future i am migrating the desktop from windows 8.1 to 10.
At the present moment I have windows 10 in the laptop.
And very happy with windows 10. As usual many programs require special configurations to run correctly. CreateShortCutsIn from ewemoa (skwire) seems to me one of them.

I have preferred open a new post to consider the possibility of a reg file or similar to quick configuration option. Or is possible adapt the ahk code to more general configurations.

I have revised the very long post to see my problem.

Display the full path in the title bar in the window of windows explorer...     
and have the classic menu activated I remember.

I don't wish alternative options     

I only want CreateShortCutsIn working under windows 10 !!!!!!

 :-* :P

p.d. I have to see if my present windows 10 configuration in interaction with any other programs may have problems.
Or if is possible to adapt the code to more general configurations under windows 10.
And the reg file to quick configuration...

If this is meant to be a coding-snack request, i could bring something up otherwise ignore me :)

If this is meant to be a coding-snack request, i could bring something up otherwise ignore me :)
-KodeZwerg (September 03, 2020, 06:03 AM)
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What do you mean by that ?

Can you do the reg file to activate the full path and the classic menu view under windows 10 home ?
 :-* :P

Can you modify the original script to make unnecessary the additional configuration ?


P.D. I have tried to see the full path but gives me no result.

Also I have in the configuration in the laptop that the desktop area (escritorio) goes in unit P:

My configuration file at the present moment .

; hotkey to bring up menu
; Control+shift+c
; hotkey for "Choose Location..."
; hotkey for "In Explorer windows"
; toggle key for comments: CapsLock, NumLock, or ScrollLock
; CommentToggleKey=NumLock    .. Prefiero poner como tecla para activar el comentario la tecla de Bloque desplazamiento que en inglës es .......
; destination locations (numbered starting at 1) to choose from
; absolute path
; environment variable support
; multiple locations, separate by |
; hotkey for location(s)
5=^+p::%USERPROFILE%\Desktop|%USERPROFILE%\Mis Documentos\
; paso a q para que no coincida la tecla con el nuevo addon de Ewemoa de ChooseMyParent
; la combinación control+shift+o me da conflicto hoy con TB para ver mensaje en la conversación. Es necesario cambiarla. Lo hago por Control+Win+O
; me da problemas. cambio a control+win+z. Tiene comportamiento extraño esta combinación en notepad++
6=^+j::%USERPROFILE%\Mis Documentos\

I only want CreateShortCutsIn working under windows 10 !!!!!!
-Contro (September 03, 2020, 05:54 AM)
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i took a look on
this message images

is the point, you want to have a context menu entry with variable destination where a shortcut will be created?
if so, my question was meant somehow like this: is that a request for a new application?
i would startover from scratch and it would end in something like this:
application.exe runs without parameters = setup screen where you can enable/disable context menu.
application.exe with parameters = create shortcuts (started by context menu, not manual)


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